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Forty Thieve Solitaire Premium


In this solitaire card game you need to move all the cards to the 8 foundation piles at the upper right corner in a good amount of time. The foundation piles must be built in suit from A to K. You can use the tableau piles (the middle 10 piles) to hole the cards temporarily while you build up the cards in the foundation piles. Each time you can only move the top card in a tableau pile, and you can put a card in a tableau pile only if it has the same suit and is 1 point smaller than the top card in the pile. There is a stock card on the top left and you can tap the pile and turn a card to the waste pile. You can move the top card from the waste pile to the foundation or tableau piles. When you have used all the stock cards, and you still cannot put all the cards to the foundation, then you lose the game.★ Gain forty card solitaire gaming skills as you move cards to the foundation.★ Includes your own personal leaderboard so you can play against your own rank.★ Be sure to check out all of our other solitare games by us.★ Built using Adobe AIR.★ If you have a suggestion or comment let us know!
Published by Pulado Games, Inc. in partnership with